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Select a group of contacts, pick users you want to share it with,
click send - and done! The contacts will be synced to the users’ phones automatically.

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Contact Share

Contact Share is simple and easy web app that helps you share and sync your contacts with other Google users

Easy contact sharing

Easily share multiple contacts with just a few simple clicks.

Permission settings

You can assign different access permission such as Read only/Edit/Share/Admin to the shared group recipients.

Automatic synchronization

Automatically sync the shared group’s contacts at fixed times period with all users that are sharing the group

Contact manager software

Free access to Contact Editor, a contact organizer that lets you see and bulk edit your contacts in a spreadsheet format.

Easy access

Service is available through Contact Share website, G Suite app or Chrome Web Store extension by simply logging into your Google account.

External domain

Google account owners using an external domain can connect their account and use Contact Share service.

Share your contacts in 3 easy steps


Step 1

Select a group

Select a group of contacts you want to share with others.

Step 2

Select the recipient

Choose who you want to share the group with.

Step 3

Sharing complete!

The shared group contacts are synced to the recipient Google account.

Contact Share - Contact Sharing has never been easier!


User-friendly interface

With a minimalistic interface and simple menu, anyone can easily and quickly share their contacts.

Fast and Easy Access

Access the service from anywhere and at any time, by simply logging in to your Google account on Contact Share website, G Suite app or Chrome Web Store extension.

Synchronization with smartphones, tablets and PC

Since Contact Share works with different platforms such as smartphones, tablets and PC, your contacts can always be up-to-date, regardless of what device you’re using.

Permission Settings

You can set up different permission (such as Read-only, Edit, Share or Owner) to different users at the same time.

External domain supported

Contact Share supports service for Google account users in organization’s external domains.

Contact Editor

Contact Share gets you a free access to Contact Editor, Google contact organizer. Now you can easily bulk edit your contacts, and share them with others.

Contact Sharing reimagined.

Experience Contact Share through a free 14 day trial!

Free 14 day trial




Yes. Contact Share is a service for sharing contacts between users with a Google account.
Sharing is possible for both Android and iPhone users if they link their phone contacts to their Google account.
Yes. When contacts are shared, the receiver can choose whether they will approve the sharing request. If you don’t want to receive the shared contacts, you can simply click on the “Reject” button.
Yes. Setting up and arranging contacts in groups one by one can be inconvenient. That’s why we recommend using Contact Editor , and arrange thousands of your contacts in groups at once.
If your phone contact list is linked to your Google account, the shared contacts you received will automatically be saved to your phone within several seconds.
Yes, you can assign Read-only, Edit, Share or Admin (owner) permissions to any of the group recipients.
No, in Contact Share anyone can create and manage groups.

Contact Sharing has never been easier.

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