Easily share thousands of your phone contacts.

Contact Share is the fastest and most convenient tool to automatically transfer and save thousands of Google contacts to another user’s google Account.
Contacts that you share with others will automatically be saved to their Google accounts and synced with their phones.

Our Services

Easy contact sharing

Pick the group in your contact list, enter the recipient’s gmail address - and that’s it! Once the recipient accepts the group sharing request, all group contacts will be automatically saved to their account and accessible on their phone.

Organizing contacts before sharing

You can organize your Google contacts in a spreadsheet with just a few clicks with Contact Editor, a service included in Contact Share. Contact Editor allows for easy and quick editing of countless mobile phone contacts at once. Now you can easily organize and share your Google contacts on your mobile as much as you desire, all in one space.

Automatic contact synchronizing

Contact Share can automatically sync the shared group’s contacts at fixed times period with Google accounts of all users who have received that specific contact group.

Our Features

Contact group sharing

Easily share multiple contacts with just a few simple clicks

Easy and convenient

Choose a recipient and easily send and receive numerous contacts at once.

Contact manager software

Contact Share comes with Contact Editor, a contact organizer that lets you see and bulk edit your mobile phone contacts in a spreadsheet format.

Linked with G Suite

Contact Share is linked with G Suite and can be used from any browser without any installations, just by accessing your Google account

Permission settings

You can assign access permission such as Read only/Edit/Owner etc. to the recipient of the shared contacts.

No app installation needed

No app installations are required as you can use the service directly from the Contact Share website by signing in with your Google account.



Yes. Contact Share is a service for sharing contacts between users with a Google account.
Sharing is possible for both Android and iPhone users if they link their phone contacts to their Google account.
Yes. When contacts are shared, the receiver can choose whether they will approve the sharing request. If you don’t want to receive the shared contacts, you can simply click on the “Reject” button.
Yes. Setting up and arranging contacts in groups one by one can be inconvenient. That’s why we recommend that you use 'Contact Editor', and sort thousands of your contacts in groups at once.
If your phone contact list is linked to your Google account, the shared contacts you received will automatically be saved to your phone within several seconds.

Our Pricing

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Basic Plan includes the following:

  • Contact Editor
  • Unlimited groups sharing
  • Unlimited contacts sharing
  • Sharing with external domain
  • Shared group access control
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Premium Plan includes the following:

  • Contact Editor
  • Unlimited groups sharing
  • Unlimited contacts sharing
  • Sharing with external domain
  • Shared group access control
  • Automatic contact synchronization

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